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The Polk Place News and Announcements is located on our Bulletin Board under NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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2002 Polk Place News    2001 Polk Place News    2000 Polk Place News    1999 Polk Place News


If you need details or have any questions please contact one of the Polk Place board members.

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


2002 Polk Place News
  • 6/21/2002

    All news from this date will be posted on the Polk Place Bulletin Board under "Announcements".
  • 6/20/2002

    There are currently three proposals for the south end of the Mack Hatcher Bypass extension. To take a look at the aerial view of the three plans go to Mack Hatcher Bypass Extension Proposals If you have any questions, please contact Ed Morgan.
  • 5/20/2002

    The PPCA board of directors is requesting a survey from Polk Place homeowners concerning the management company Southland Management's progress since the first of this year. They would like your assistance in evaluating the level of services provided by Southland Management. If you did not receive or respond to this survey, please do so by viewing the survey.  05_20_2002_management-survey.doc  If you can not download the survey or have any questions, please contact Ed Morgan.
  • 5/1/2002

    Below is a re-quoted version of a May 1, 2002 letter from Jay Franks to homeowners designated to be living within 500 feet of the proposed development. This proposal is set to be presented to the Franklin City Planning Commission this Thursday night @ 7:00 p.m. and needs our immediate attention. I am asking that if you have any questions regarding this proposal, you reply directly to one of the e-mail addresses below so that we may present our comments as an association.

    I have personally spoken with Mr. Franks on behalf of the association to ascertain further details. The proposed plat calls for the potential construction of up to 22 additional "light industrial" office complexes on the remaining 36 acres in the Southeast Industrial Park. The proposed development is currently separated from our subdivision by limited common area. The plat includes increasing the current natural berm separating the homes on Polk Place drive from this development to twice its current height. In addition, evergreens will be planted along the entire length of the berm.

    "JayMar Development, LLC

    130 Dallas Blvd. Franklin, TN 37064

    April 30, 2002

    TO: Adjoining Property Owners

    FROM: J.N. Franks, III

    RE: Preliminary Plat of South Park Subdivision

    In accordance with Section 3.4 of the Franklin Zoning Ordinance which requires notification of property owners within 500 feet of a proposed development, we are notifying you of the meeting of the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission on May 16, 2002 to be held at the Franklin City Hall at 7:00 p.m. The subdivision of the 36.64 acres of land, zoned Light Industrial and located between Noah Drive and the Mack Hatcher Bypass, into 22 building lots will be considered.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at (615)790-2447."

    We understand your response period is limited, but ask that you submit your questions by 3:00 p.m. this Wednesday. Mr. Franks is eager to address any of our concerns and we have arranged a review of the plans and a walk-through of the property before this Thursday's meeting with the planning commission.

  • 4/8/2002

The April 2002 newsletter went out to everyone in the neighborhood this past weekend. If you did not get a copy, please contact Ed Morgan.

The 2002 pool season will begin on Memorial Day weekend May 25, 2002.

The 2nd Annual PPCA garage sale is scheduled for May 11, 2002. Please contact the Social Committee concerning the garage sale.

  • 2/13/2002

    PPCA Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 2/13/02

    The meeting of the Polk Place Board of Directors was held at the Atlanta Bread Company in Franklin.  The meeting was called to order by Ed Morgan at 7pm. 


    Financial:  John of Southland Management and Development offered the financial report.  This report reflects assets of $37,120.33.  Assets are distributed as follows:

    Cash checking = $22,097.14
    Savings (certificate of deposit) = $15,023.19 

    Other items discussed were:

    1.  Increase in the water bill.  This was explained by the winterizing of the pool house and water running in one of the toilets. 

    Design and Covenants:  Several compliance letters remain outstanding.  Southland will monitor for a response over the next couple of weeks & then serve an additional final notice. 

    Pool Committee: Discussion of past practice of sending a letter in the spring to allow the community to register and pay a fee for use of the pool.  At payment residents were given a pass code to enter and use the pool.  This year the content of the letter will be the same but sent from the Management Company.  

    Questions were raised regarding the creation of a “general funds” account used to pay for unusual occurrences that could exceed the amount of funds collected from the pool users.  No decisions were made and the idea tabled for future meetings.  All residents would be assessed as they do benefit from the pool’s existence, as it is an asset to the value of their properties. 

    The new pool company is Langley and Taylor.  They have been covering the pool since October. 2001. 

    Newsletter Committee:  Art and Pam have been working on the design and layout of the newsletter and hope to distribute it by the end of March.  It is their desire to walk this communication throughout the neighborhood. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.  The next meeting will be March 14th at 7pm.  Nikki Baldi will host the meeting. 

    Her phone is 591-6657/ 105 Polk Place Drive   

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Nikki Baldi


  • 1/16/2002

    PPCA Minutes of the Board Meeting held on 1/16/02 

    Attendees:  Ed Morgan, Pam McClure, Chris Hawkins 

    Meeting called to order @ 7:00p.m. 

    Per the agenda, Mr. Morgan led the discussions.  The new procedures followed by the Design & Covenant Committee in relation to the responsibilities of Southland Mgt. Company (“SMC”) were discussed at length.  Currently upon the committee are several compliance issues that were started under the guidance of the prior Board.  Mr. Morgan discussed the issues related to contractors knowingly continuing to install non-compliant fences, & the location of satellite dishes on homes in relation to the standards governed by the Covenants.  In response, the Design Committee has requested that SMC communicate the design approval actions that homeowners are required to undertake.  The Committee is hopeful this action will result in corrective measures.  Mr. Morgan noted he would continue to update the Board in relation to on-going disputes as they are initiated & resolved. 

    Mr. Morgan then led a discussion of the Board in regards to the first quarter newsletter to homeowners.  The newsletter will be distributed by 3/31.  Each respective member of the Board acknowledged they would work with their committees to draft relevant language. 

    The Board then discussed the adequacy of the Directors and Officers Insurance Policy.  Mr. Hawkins asked whether counsel had been engaged to review the policy for reasonableness.  It was noted that the Board had not yet obtained outside counsel & was relying on the representations of SMC in regards to the coverage in the policy.  Mr. Morgan stated he would identify an attorney for this and other related matters that may require legal attention throughout the fiscal year.  This motion was seconded & unanimously approved.  

    The Board then discussed the responsibilities of SMC as specified in their contract with PPCA.  The $100 transfer cost charged by SMC was discussed, as the amount was not outlined directly in the agreement.  Further discussion was in regards to what the fee covered; SMC cost incurred in setting homeowner up in database and the copying and delivering of both the association Covenants and Bylaws to the new homeowner.  Although not specified in the contract, Mr. Morgan noted he thought the amount was left to the discretion of the Management Company. 

    Mr. Morgan then made a motion to accept the Board resignation of Mr. Curt McGowan.  The motion was seconded by Ms. McClure and unanimously accepted.  It was noted Mr. McGowan’s family would soon be re-locating and he would therefore be unable to fulfill his Board responsibilities.  Mr. Morgan will immediately begin a search for a replacement. 

    Mr. Hawkins then led a discussion in regards to the associations landscaping.  It was noted that former Board member Robert Taylor was providing great assistance in transitioning these responsibilities.  Plans were underway to walk the associations’ property lines as well tour electrical configurations for both the pool and sprinkler system.  Upon the recommendation of Mr. Taylor, the Board would retain Rocky Top as the landscaping company of choice.   

    Ms. McClure then discussed her dismay at the lack of apparent committee participation.  Discussions ensued in regards to the success of the association being dependent on the support of committees’ runs by the homeowners.  Ms. McClure stated she was in communication with several prior committee members and could update the Board at the next meeting. 

    A date of February 13th at 7:00 p.m. was agreed upon for the next Board meeting.  Without further items for discussion the meeting was adjourned.


  • 1/1/2002

    Southland Management & Development began on Jan. 1 2002 to manage the PPCA day to day responsibilities. John Schroer is the president of Southland. If you have a complaint, comment, fence or deck approval or anything else that needs to be addressed, please contact Southland.

    Southland Management & Development
    PO BOX 680515
    Franklin, TN 37068-0515

    Tel 615-791-0328
    Fax 615-790-9274
    email mailto:jcsschroer@aol.com

2001 Polk Place News


  • 10/27/2001 Fall Fest

    The 2001 Fall Fest was a great success Saturday, October 27th. Thanks to all involved in making this event successful. Also a thank you to all involved with the "Make a Difference Day" campaign. We have proven that Polk Place can "make a difference". To view some photos taken at the Fall Fest, click here.

  • 10/23/2001 Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes

The 2001 Annual Homeowners Meeting was opened at 7PM  by John Lovelace, association president. Robert Taylor read the minutes of last years meeting. Mr. Lovelace then turned the floor over to Liz Clark to discuss the updated budget proposal. Several questions were asked about the updated budget and why this was not the budget that was mailed earlier to homeowners. Mrs. Clark explained that the mailed budget did not reflect the correct number of lots in Polk Place and that the numbers needed to be revised. A motion was put on the floor and seconded with unanimous consent to mail everyone a copy of the revised budget proposal and vote on the budget tonight with reserve for a final vote after the mailing is completed. A suggestion was presented to the board to place the association's checking account into a CD. This suggestion will be reviewed by the board.

Mr. Lovelace introduced the nominated members for the 2002 Polk Place Board of Directors:

Nikki Baldi, Chris Hawkins, Pam McClure, Guy McGowan, and Ed Morgan.

A count of the members present and proxies determined that a quorum of 40 members was available for a vote on next year's board members. There was a unanimous vote for acceptance of all members nominated. The new board members will take office in January, 2002.

Mr. Lovelace then directed the meeting discussion to the proposed management company that will be taking over at the first of the year. He  turned the floor over to John Schroer with Southland Management. Mr. Schroer addressed concerns and answered questions. Mr. Lovelace then turned the floor to Toni Themis. Mrs. Themis discussed the "Make a Difference Day" charity campaign that the neighborhood has been involved in for the last month. Saturday, October 27 is the final day. Mrs. Themis informed us that a reporter for the Tennessean Williamson AM newspaper will be at the Fall Festival on Saturday October 27 to take pictures and write an article on Polk Place's participation in  "Make a Difference Day".  Mrs. Themis asked that everyone place their donations of school supplies and children's warm outer clothing on their porch for pick-up this Saturday between 9AM and 12PM.  The meeting was adjourned at 9PM by Mr. Lovelace.


  • 10/15/2001 Annual Homeowners Meeting

    If you can not attend the annual PPCA meeting, you can vote online for the PPCA nominees and 2002 budget at http://www.polkplace.com/ppca_annual_ballot.htm
  • 10/04/2001 Annual Homeowners Meeting

The Annual Homeowners Meeting will be held on Tuesday October 23, 2001 at 7:00 PM at the Country Club of Franklin 1343 Carnton Lane, Franklin 37064 794-0990. 

For questions or information contact:

John Lovelace - PPCA President
278 Noah Drive
mailto:jwlmasr@aol.com   Date of Notice: October 4, 2001


  • 9/22/2001 Special Meeting Minutes

    Saturday September 22, 2001 5:00PM

    Attendants: John Lovelace, PPCA President Liz Clark, Secretary/Treasurer Robert Taylor, Executive Director Various Homeowners & Committee Members

    Business Discussed: John Lovelace called the meeting to order. Mr. Lovelace informed everyone that the board of directors had a meeting to discuss PPCA being managed by a professional management company. He explained the reason for this was the lack of participation in the community and the growing job duties. He also explained the benefits of a management company. The board had interviewed three companies and had chosen Southland Management & Development (phone: 791-0328 - mailto:jcsschroer@aol.com). The board can vote on this item without a vote from the community but felt that a special meeting should be called to get feedback from the neighborhood before doing so. This led to discussion of Liz Clark currently being in financial control of PPCA and possible liabilities when the financial duties are done by a homeowner versus a management company. There was full agreement from all in attendance that PPCA could best be managed by a professional management company.

    Mr. Lovelace then discussed the need for volunteers for PPCA committees. Phillip Collie explained the pool committee, Karen Carter explained the social committee, Paul Kiger explained the design & covenant committee, and Cindy Hougendobler explained the Yard of the Month Committee. Robert Taylor explained the other committees. Mr. Lovelace urged homeowners to volunteer for the committees, especially those in need of members such as the nominating committee.

    The next business discussed arose after a homeowner questioned if the Polk Place builders and developers are going to pay dues for undeveloped lots. Mr. Lovelace responded that beginning October 1, 2001, builders and developers will be required to pay dues.

    Toni Themis, a homeowner, was then introduced to inform us of “Make a Difference Day”. This is a national day to help others and Ms. Themis suggested that the community collect children’s clothes and school supplies throughout the month of October and donate them to a school in need of help. The actual day of “Make a Difference” is October 27. Ms. Themis was given approval by the board to proceed with the volunteer efforts. Ms. Themis and the Social Committee members will work together in this effort. They will distribute informational flyers to the neighborhood on Sunday, September 30. Read more about “Make a Difference Day” online at http://www.makeadifferenceday.com or call 1-800-416-3824.


  • 9/19/2001 - Polk Place Special Meeting

    Attention All PPCA Homeowners! 

    What:    Special Informational Called Meeting

    Where:    PPCA Pool Area

    When:    Saturday, September 22 at 5 p.m.

    Topics:    Update 2001 PPCA business activity

                   Pros and Cons of Engaging a Management Company

                   Seeking volunteers to serve on committees and as nominees for the 2002 Board of Directors 

    For questions or information contact:

    John Lovelace - PPCA President
    278 Noah Drive
    mailto:jwlmasr@aol.com   Date of Notice: September 19, 2001

    This meeting is the rescheduled meeting that was cancelled on September 11 due to the tragic events of that day.

    The Annual Homeowners Meeting will be held on Tuesday October 23, 2001 at 7:00 PM at the Country Club of Franklin
    1343 Carnton Lane, Franklin 37064

    The board has moved up the date from the end of November due to holidays and weather. Each homeowner will receive a letter in the mail with the details of the meeting and location.


  • 8/21/2001 - Polk Place Special Meeting

    Attention All PPCA Homeowners! 

    What:    Special Informational Called Meeting

    Where:    PPCA Pool Area

    When:    Tuesday, September 11, 7 p.m.

    Topics:    Update 2001 PPCA business activity

                   Pros and Cons of Engaging a Management Company

                   Seeking volunteers to serve on committees and as nominees for the 2002 Board of Directors 

    For questions or information contact:

    John Lovelace - PPCA President
    278 Noah Drive
    mailto:jwlmasr@aol.com   Date of Notice: August 20, 2001

The Annual Homeowners Meeting will be held on Tuesday October 23, 2001 at 7:00 PM. The board has moved up the date from the end of November due to holidays and weather. Each homeowner will receive a letter in the mail with the details of the meeting and location.

  • 7/20/2001 - Boom!

    Neighbors in Polk Place felt a boom on July 7th. Now, there's a new clue in the mystery. Was it an earthquake? Or an explosion? Or an underground cave collapse? Whatever it was, it was strong enough to register 2.6 on the Richter scale. Channel 2 News Jay Korff came to Polk Place to get the story. To watch his report click on the link below.

  • 5/16/2001 - Pool Season

    Warm weather has finally arrived and we are ready to start enjoying our beautiful community pool. Our pool will officially open Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th. Attached in a letter sent to all Polk Place residents you will find the Pool Rules and Policies as well as the Pool Use Agreement and Release Form. Please review these pages and sign the Agreement. You may attach your check for $140 (Pool User Fee) and drop it off at the Sales Trailer or Liz Clark's house at 109 Grove Lane during business hours. Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th will be designated "Free Swim Days". A Pool Committee member will be available from 1:00 to 3:00 to accept Pool User Fees and answer any questions. All Polk Place residents are welcome to swim on those days. A temporary code will be entered at the gate to gain access. On Monday, May 28th, the codes will be changed and the residents who have paid their Pool User Fees are welcome to enjoy the pool. Once the Pool User Fees is paid you will be given the 2001 access code. All homeowner association dues must be current in order to use the pool. We have once again retained the service of Bluewater Pools and the pool will be serviced five times per week. We hope you all will enjoy this fine amenity and have a great Summer. Any questions can be directed to a Pool Committee member at the telephone numbers or email addresses listed below. Thank you for your cooperation and have a Great Summer!


    PPCA Pool Committee  

    Phillip Collie - Pool Committee Chairperson
    212 Landon Court
    Home  595-9917 Work  595-4330

    Jon Coggins
    141 Polk Place Drive

  • First Quarter 2001 Newsletter - 4/23/2001

     Annual Homeowners Meeting December 2000:

    • The president of the Polk Place Community Association, Peter Dirksen announced his resignation. Pete has done a fantastic job and his hard work is a great asset to this neighborhood.
    • Three new board members that you elected were added to the Board of Directors: Jon Coggins, Liz Clark, and John Lovelace.
    • The 2001 budget was approved.
    • Discussion of a third party management firm was discussed and deferred due to the volunteers for the board and committee members.
    • Suzy Schriever represented the Landscape Committee. The tilting Leland Cypress trees, flooding at the front entrance, geese, and maintenance bids were discussed.
    • The pool was once again discussed and how to cover the ongoing expense of the pool with the current user fees. As you may remember a survey was done last year to change the covenants so as to allow the pool maintenance cost be paid by everyone in the neighborhood. This effort failed to raise the 2/3 majority votes needed to change the covenants. Due to last seasons breakdowns of the pool pump and electrical problems the pool user fees did not raise the funds necessary to support the maintenance of the pool. We project that when the neighborhood is completed the dues will pay for the pool maintenance. The neighborhood is near 2/3 complete at this time.
    • During the open floor discussion of the meeting one topic was the ever-growing fowl population at the ponds. What was once a nice attraction of the neighborhood has now become a nuisance. More than 100 geese and ducks have been counted at our ponds. These numbers are growing because of the continuous food being provided. Everyone at the meeting agreed that this issue should be addressed in this letter. Please do not feed the waterfowl at the ponds. Bread and certain seeds are also dangerous to ducks and geese. The overpopulation can lead to disease, dead grass, and depletion of the fish that help to maintain the algae growth in our ponds. Continuing to feed them during the cold months can also keep them from their normal migration south.
    • The topic of the mail not being delivered correctly was discussed. If you are having a problem with your US mail not being delivered correctly, contact: 

      810 OAK MEADOW DR
      FRANKLIN TN 37064-9998
      Phone: 800-275-8777 or local 599-4840
    • A suggestion to the board to form a committee that would review the covenants in order to preserve the best interest of the homeowners was discussed. Anyone that would like to volunteer their time for this task should contact the board of directors by email or telephone.

First Quarter 2001 Board of Directors Actions:


The board hired Rocky Top Farms to take over the maintenance of the front entrance.

Bellenfant & Miles CPAs will bill the second quarter fee assessment and collect for that quarter.  Elizabeth E. Clark, CPA will begin with the billing of the third quarter fee assessment.  Beginning with the third quarter, the Board voted to assess late charges in accordance with the Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC & Rs) 5.7.  The assessment is late 30 days after the due date, which is the 1st day of each quarter. The Board has established a late fee of $10 to be applied to late accounts.  Further, in cases of delinquency, liens will be filed in compliance with the same CC & Rs section.  It is important to remember we have expenses that must be paid timely and your help in paying on time is vital to the stability of our association.   

Elizabeth E. Clark, CPA will use the mailing address:  P. O. Box 681644, Franklin, TN  37068-1644.  Telephone 615-599-1820, Fax 615-599-8540. 

There will be a charge of $25 due at closing to her for the processing of changes in ownership of lots.  Please advise your real estate agent of this information. 

The notice sent to area title companies and attorneys is posted on the Polk Place web site.

Safety Issues and Concerns:

The Board of Directors are concerned for the safety of our residents, especially the little ones.  While it is not our intent to deny you the right to enjoy outdoor activities, it is important that you are aware of the law that governs our sidewalks and streets.

The following information has been obtained from the City of Franklin.  Please consider this information regarding safety because our streets and sidewalks are public and spring and summer brings us outdoors:

16-112 Animals and vehicles on sidewalks.  It shall be unlawful for any person to ride, lead, or tie any animal, or ride, push, pull or place any vehicle across or upon any sidewalk in such a manner as to unreasonably interfere with or inconvenience pedestrians using the sidewalk.  It shall also be unlawful for any person knowingly to allow any minor under his control to violate this section.  (1976 Code, 12-212) 

16-115 Prohibition of play vehicles on public ways.  It shall be unlawful for any person to use roller skates, coasters, skateboards, or any similar vehicle or toy or article on a runner or wheels on any public street, roadway, alley, sidewalk, or other public building or public place, except in such areas as may be specifically designated for such purpose by the board of mayor and aldermen.  This prohibition shall not specifically apply to bicycles, which shall be governed by the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated, 55-8-171, et seq. (1976 Code, 12-215) 

Parking on streets:

On street parking creates problems for motorists and should be kept to a minimum.  If you experience problems, contact the City of Franklin since our streets are city maintained.  

Feeding the Geese and Ducks:

Carriage Park is advising their homeowners about feeding the geese and ducks.  This is a serious health and safety hazard as was discussed at the annual meeting.  

Garbage Cans:

Please remember to handle the garbage cans in accordance with the CC&Rs.  Our neighborhood is one of the best in the area and our failure to follow the rules set out for us by our CC & Rs diminishes not only our property values but also our abilities to attract buyers to our neighborhood. 

Pool Information: 

  1. The 2001 user fee for the pool has been set at $140, payable to PPCA, and is to be sent to Elizabeth E. Clark, CPA at the address above.
  2. We need volunteers to serve on this committee if we are to open for the 2001 season.  Please contact any board member.
  3. The Pool Committee will provide the safety rules and regulations and other information before the pool season begins.

Architectural Design and Covenant Oversight Committee

  1. This committee reminds you that portable basketball goals not in use must be out of site from the street and from the neighbors’ view of your property.
  2. The covenants consider permanent basketball goals as structures that are not allowed.
  3. See the enclosed pamphlet that provides more information about this vital committee.


  1. Please observe the rules concerning your pets.  When you walk your dogs, obey the lease laws and clean up after your pet.


  1. Some of our committees are in place but we can use more volunteers for each of our committees. Each committee needs to have a chair.  We are working to get procedures in place for each committee.  Please become active to help us be a better community in which to live.

Homeowners Fees: 

  1. Please remember that the fees due Polk Place Community Association are binding on all homeowners with the purchase of a lot and house in Polk Place.  They are due on the first of each quarter and delinquent after 30 days.
  2. A late fee of $10 will be assessed on delinquent accounts.
  3. Liens can and will be filed on delinquent accounts.  Additionally, attorneys’ fees and other collection costs will be incurred if liens are required to be filed and are payable by the homeowner.
  4. Please remember that disagreements you may have with the developer over unresolved issues or with the Board of Directors on how they handle PPCA business does not negate payment of the fees.  There are other ways for you to deal with such issues.

If you have any comments or concerns that need to be addressed before the Board of Directors at any board meeting, please call Elizabeth Clark at 599-1820 to be placed on the agenda.


  • Polk Place Garage Sale - 4/23/2001

    The Polk Place Social Committee recently held its first meeting of the year and considered several options for neighborhood activities.

    They decided on the First Annual Polk Place Garage Sale. Some of you have already had yard sales this year, but if you have anything left please participate. Some residents or streets may want to go in together and combine efforts.

    The Garage Sale will be held on May 5th from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

    Let's make it a fun day for the kids as well as the adults. The younger entrepreneurs in Polk Place could set up Kool Aid or Lemonade stands and make a few bucks too!

    Around 5:00 PM we would like to get together at the pool area (bring something to sit on & something to drink) and order pizza. This is for EVERYONE, not just for those having a garage sale.

    It will be a fun day to make a few bucks, buy someone else's treasures, give your kids a little entrepreneurial opportunity. It will also give you a chance to meet new and old neighbors at the end of the day. There is certain to be a few "garage sale stories" as well as news from the neighborhood.

    If you'd like to participate, call one of the Social Committee Members by next Monday morning and leave your name, address, and phone number. The necessary permits for the garage sale, distribute them, and collect the fee ($5.00) from each participant. A classified ad will be placed in the Tennessean a few days prior to the garage sale. Signs will be placed at each entrance to Polk Place and balloons for your mailbox.

    If you miss this one, we may try to have one in the fall if there is enough interest.


  • Title Company Notice of Change - 3/27/2001 

    Title Enterprises, LLC 

    Fax No.  370-0898 

    This is to advise you of changes in our policies when closing on properties located within Polk Place, Franklin TN: 

    Until May 15

    • Please continue to contact Bill Miles, CPA at Bellenfant & Miles, P.C. (387-8700) for outstanding fees due Polk Place Community Association (PPCA).
    • The fees due PPCA are $45 per quarter, which are due and payable on the first of each calendar quarter.  They are considered delinquent after 30 days.  The late fee charged is $10.00.  Mr. Miles office will send statements for the second quarter 2001 fees.
    • There is a transfer fee of $25 due Bellenfant & Miles for their service.
    • Please provide the new owners with a copy of the recorded Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Polk Place (CC & Rs).  These can be found at Book 1179 PG 121-162, Williamson County Registrar of Deeds.
    • For closings near the quarter billing cycle, please collect and forward the fees due.
    • Please enclose a copy of the closing statement with your remittance, providing both the lot number and the physical address.

    After May 15:

    • All of the above applies except:
    • Please contact Elizabeth E. Clark, CPA at 599-1820 (Fax 599-8540) for the information on fee status.  Please allow time for her to respond to your request.
    • The transfer fee of $25 is payable to Elizabeth E. Clark, CPA for her service.
    • She will bill the third quarter fees prior to July 1 and will handle the accounting function for PPCA. 
    • Remit the documents and checks to:

Elizabeth E. Clark, CPA
P. O. Box 681644
Franklin, TN 37068-1644 


Board of Directors

Elizabeth E. Clark, Secretary mailto:e.e.clark@home.com
  • Minutes from Board of Directors meeting - 1/28/2001

    Present: Liz Clark, Jon Coggins, Deon Ducey, John Lovelace, Robert Taylor 

    Robert called the meeting to order. He explained the documents that needed to be signed by the incoming directors. He brought us to date on how the board had operated in the past and the duties of the officers. We discussed how we believed there should be some changes in the way the new board should operate in 2001. 

    By unanimous vote, the board selected the following officers:           

                John Lovelace, President

                Jon Coggins, Vice President

                Liz Clark, Secretary/Treasurer 

    Both Robert and Deon have agreed to work with the new directors to transition them into their new responsibilities and have agreed to work with the committee structure to define goals and objectives for each committee and determine that a chairperson has been selected for each committee. It was agreed that some committees should be combined for efficiency. They will include these changes and advise the board as soon as possible. 

    Robert and Deon have also agreed to review all contracts currently in effect and make copies available to the Board. 

    Liz offered to provide accounting services to the HOA for the same fees currently budgeted for such services.  This change was determined to be in the best interest of the Association since we are self-managed and this would allow all financial records to be in one place. The Board agreed by a unanimous vote. Liz and Deon will work to have this in place before the next dues statements are sent. Instructions will accompany the statements. Deon will be responsible to transition the bank account signers to the new directors as required by their office. It was agreed that we would use two signers on each disbursement made. 

    We discussed the need for cash reserves to replace and maintain Association common property. This topic will be reviewed again when the financial reports are made available after the transition.

    The status of the HOA tax return was discussed. It seems that a different year had been selected for the tax return. This will be studied by Liz to determine if and when we should change this by filing a short year return, putting the fiscal year for the Budget and the tax returns on a calendar year as required by the bylaws. 

    John adjourned the meeting.

2000 Polk Place News


  • Annual Homeowners Meeting - 12/11/2000

    Pursuant to action of the Board of Directors calling the meeting, the fourth meeting of the lot owners in Polk Place was held at the Oak Valley Baptist Church on December 11, 2000 at 7:00 PM. Notice of the meeting along with a ballot for election of three new board members had been given to 237 lot owners by Karen Carter and others on the Distribution Committee. Robert Taylor, Vice President of the Association, called the meeting to order. Mr. Taylor announced that a quorum was present and explained the voting rights of the Developer and the lot owners. Thirty-four homeowners were present. Mr. Taylor proceeded to announce the resignation of Peter Dirksen as President of the Association.  Peter was the first President of the Association after control of the neighborhood was given from the developer to the lot owners. Peter was in office for seventeen months. Mr. Taylor then announced the results of the ballots for election of three new board members and re-election of the remaining two board members. Ballots were accepted and the homeowners voted unanimously to accept the board of directors for the next year. Along with the ballot results volunteers for the following committees were added: 

    Design and Covenant Oversight Committee

    Ed Hansen 263 Noah Drive
    Wendy Howell 340 Julianna Circle
    Paul Kiger 140 Polk Place Drive

    Welcome Committee

    Angela Humphreys 376 Julianna Circle
    Ken Garner 208 Sontag

    Social Committee

    Barbara Cohoon 281 Noah Drive

    Yard Of The Month

    Kim Miller 200 Julianna Circle 

    A summary of the 2000 Actual Expenses vs. the Budget along with the 2001 Budget was submitted and approved. Mr. Taylor then opened the floor for any new business. Discussion arose from the floor about the 2000 budget and cost of the installation of an irrigation system for the front entrance as well as unexpected added pool maintenance cost. There was a discussion about the heavy waterfowl population and the waste, disease, and migration disturbance problems it presents. Another problem is tree, grass and other landscape clippings being dumped in the common area to the right of Grove Lane. Problems were also discussed about the postal service delivering mail incorrectly. It was agreed that the board would issue a letter to all of Polk Place Homeowners and contact the Carriage Park Association to ask everyone to stop feeding the waterfowl and to stop dumping in the common area at Grove Lane. Mr. Taylor advised everyone to contact the postal service with any problems they had with their mail delivery. There was discussion of forming a committee to review the covenants. The flooding in front of the east pond at the front entrance was discussed. Mr. Taylor stated that the problem was a result of a leak from the city lake, which flows down the ditch running along the Mack Hatcher By-Pass. Mr. Taylor agreed to contact the City once more. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

  • Annual Homeowners Meeting - 11/07/2000

    Thanks to everyone that attended the homeowners 11/06/2000 meeting. For those of you that could not attend several things were discussed. We did not give enough notice to the neighborhood to vote on board members or to pass next years budget. Karen Carter volunteered to send out a proxy for all homeowners to vote for a new board and approve the budget. Volunteers to be on the board included Jon Coggins, Liz Clark and John Lovelace. Peter Dirksen announced his resignation from the Board of Directors. Peter Dirksen informed us that Jay Franks (the developer) has approximately 93 lots left to build on until the neighborhood is complete. The developer did not attend the meeting. Since we did not approve the board members or budget for next year at the meeting, another meeting is scheduled for December 11, 2000 7:00PM. An agenda, location, and the ballot for board members will be sent to everyone in the neighborhood. Votes will be sent to the PPCA post office box. Votes will be tallied and the results announced at the December 11 meeting.

    The board of directors would like to thank all of you that have and are still volunteering your time to serve on the committees. There are still 16 open positions on various committees. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know. The committee information is located at http://www.polkplace.com/committees.html . If you have questions or would like to know the time involved and duties of a committee member, please contact one of the existing committee members listed at http://www.polkplace.com/committees.html.

    The bulletin board located on the Polk Place website at http://ppca.forumco.com/default.asp is a good place to find out more information about your neighborhood. At last look I noticed someone needed a dog sitter and mention of a scheduled neighborhood walk.


  • Annual Homeowners Meeting - 11/06/2000

    The place of the Annual Meeting has been changed to Oak Valley Baptist Church--1161 Lewisburg Pike

  • FALL-O-WEEN - 10/27/2000

    Join Polk Place residents for a fun night at the Franklin Family YMCA Friday night October 27, 2000 6:30PM-8:00 PM. The event is FREE and a safe way to celebrate the fall season. The Franklin Family YMCA is hosting this event just for you! We will be having Beef Stew for dinner and there will be games and prizes for kids!

    Neighborhood hosts: Rhonda Miles, Kim Mathis, Elizabeth Petty, and Lindsey Johnson
    RSVP 615-591-0322

  • November Homeowners Meeting - 9/19/2000

    The Polk Place Board has scheduled the Annual Meeting of the Homeowners for November 6, 2000 at 7 pm. We would like to hold the meeting at the First Baptist Church as in the past. If you are a member of the First Baptist Church and can help us with reserving a room for the meeting please contact the Board.

    Nominations for the Board of Directors are open. There are five slots to fill. If interested in serving, please advise a current Board member.

    Hope to see you on November 6.

  • Stop signs installed - 7/31/2000

    Today stop signs were installed at the Grove Lane-Polk Place Drive and the Julianna Circle-Polk Place Drive intersections. This was done for the safety of everyone in the neighborhood. Please be aware of these stop signs and remember that the speed limit is 25 MPH.

  • Vandals Strike - 6/17/2000

    Friday night June 16, several young men decided to have a little party at our pool. During their little party, these young men broke one or more beer bottles in the pool. According to the Health Department, the pool must be drained and the floor cleaned before we can refill the pool and reopen the pool for swimming. We do not expect to reopen the pool until Monday. We apologize for having to close the pool.

    Fortunately, the vehicle license tag number for one of these individuals was identified and has been reported to the police. The police are currently investigating the matter. We intend to prosecute and seek restitution from the young men for the costs of draining, cleaning and refilling the pool. If anyone has any knowledge of these events of this night, we would appreciate hearing from you.

    The Board would like to take this opportunity to remind Polk Place residents that the pool hours are 9 am until 9 pm. If you are in the pool area after hours, your are trespassing and subject to prosecution. No loitering is permitted in the pool parking lot or the pool grounds after hours. No cars, under any circumstances, should be left overnight in the pool parking as those cars may be towed. If you see anyone at the pool after hours, please call the police.

    Thank you for abiding by these rules.



    Thanks to everyone that made this meeting a success. There was a larger than normal attendance with several of our neighbors volunteering for various committees. To see who volunteered go to Polk Place Contacts. If you were not able to attend and would like to volunteer for one of the committees, read the bottom of the page at Polk Place Contacts. The new committees formed are:
    Welcome Committee
    Social Committee
    Finance Committee
    Communications Committee
    Distribution Committee
    Yard of the Month Committee
    On Call Committee

  • MAY NEWSLETTER - 5/15/2000

    You should be receiving the May Newsletter shortly in your mailbox. If you would like to read it online please go to May Newsletter 2000.

  • MAILBOXES - 5/9/2000

    Go to Mailboxes to find where to get a Polk Place mailbox and who to contact for painting your address plate.

  • 2000 POOL SEASON - 4/6/2000

    Spring is upon us and it is almost swimming season again. The user fee for the 2000 swim season is $140 per household. You can include this fee with your association dues if you wish. Otherwise contact Deon Ducey (Secretary/Treasurer 145 Sontag Drive 591-4343) with payment concerns. This fee is needed to maintain the pool which is an asset for all of the homeowners in the community. Additional details will follow at a later date.


    The board of directors and the landscape committee have been working for over a year now to replace the dead trees at the front entrance. The trees have been installed twice but failed to live due to the lack of water. Jay Franks jfranks130@msn.com  (Polk Place Developer) has agreed to and replaced the dead trees at the ponds and added new trees at the pool provided we supply water for the trees. The Landscape Committee has taken bids for an irrigation system installation around the ponds and the pool and after narrowing the bids down to three the board chose Rocky Top Farms. Last year the aeration, seeding and fertilization was a total waste due to the lack of water. We have discovered that there is a well near one of the front ponds and Rocky Top has assured us that they can install a system that will pull the water from this well instead of city water. This will be a great savings to the neighborhood as we will not have to pay for a water meter ($5000), water, and sewage. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email the landscape committee.
1999 Polk Place News


  • ANNUAL MEETING - 11/08/1999 Homeowners Meeting:

    The annual meeting of the Polk Place Community Association Homeowners was held on November 8, 1999 at 7:00 PM. The meeting was at the First Baptist Church, 828 Murfreesboro Road, Franklin, Tennessee (same church where the last two meetings have been held. At that time, the board of directors and officers of the PPCA was elected, a budget was approved , committees for the upcoming year will be staffed.

  • SPEED LIMIT - 11/23/1999

    Once again, the Board of Directors would like to remind everyone that the speed limit through Polk Place is 25 miles per hour. Many cars, driven by parents and teenagers, residents and visitors, whiz down Polk Place Drive at speeds well in excess of the posted speed limit. For the safety of our neighbors, please slow down and obey the posted speed limits:

    Pete Dirksen our President went before the City of Franklin Traffic Committee Tuesday November 23, 1999 to ask the City for stop signs along Polk Place Drive and a turning lane at the entrance from Mack Hatcher. The Board decided from the number of complaints that placing stop signs along Polk Place Drive will improve the safety of our neighborhood.



    On September 22, 1999 a new maintenance crew Tim's Lawn Care was hired to take care of the Polk Place common grounds. 



    The Board wishes to remind everyone that the lots in Polk Place are subject to restrictive covenants. You should have received a copy of these restrictions when you closed on your house. Please do your best to adhere to the covenants, in particular:

    1. Fences (Section 3.3.24), satellite dishes (3.3.9 Antennas), awnings and any other improvements to the exterior of your house need to be approved by the Design and Covenant Committee prior to the improvement being done. Please take the time to write out a request outlining your improvements and submit it to a member of the Design and Covenant Committee (3.1 Approval of Plans).

    2. Pets. All pets are to be confined to the yard, on a leash or in the house. No pets (and that includes cats) are to be permitted to freely roam the neighborhood. Persons walking their pets are required to clean up after their pets (3.3.6 Animals and Pets). 

    3. Trash containers should either be housed in closed buildings (such as your garage) or otherwise completely screened from public view (3.3.5 Screening, 3.3.10 Clotheslines, Garbage Cans, Etc.).

    4. Garage doors should be kept closed except when entering and exiting the garage (3..4.1. Building Design).



    If you have not done so already, please furnish Carolyn Krawcyk with your names (include the kids and their ages), address, e-mail addresses and phone numbers so that she can prepare an updated neighborhood directory.


  • CARNTON - 11/08/1999 additional information on the bulletin board

    The folks who oversee the operation of Carnton Mansion have asked for our help. They wish to apply for a grant that would enable them to construct a new entrance to Carnton grounds. This new entrance consists of a roadway and bridge to be constructed from Polk Place Drive (near the big pond at the front entrance), across our common grounds (the woods and swamp) and would run along the property line that separates the Carnton grounds from Polk Place. If constructed, this new roadway would then become the main entrance to Carnton with the current entrance being closed except for special events. Visitors to Carnton would turn off Mack Hatcher onto Polk Place Drive and then turn right onto the new road. All costs to construct the bridge and roadway will be paid by Carnton. 

    In order to construct the bridge and roadway, the PPCA will have to grant Carnton an easement across our common area. Carnton would prefer that we not charge them for the easement. Before an easement can be granted, the Board will have to approve the granting of the easement and three fourths of the homeowners will have to approve of such action. We plan to discuss this at the annual meeting, thus if you cannot attend, please let us know your thoughts on granting the easement. If you wish, please write down your thoughts and provide us with your name and address. Any written instructions may be dropped off with a Board member or at the sales trailer at the front of the subdivision. At the November 8th meeting a unanimous vote of NO was recorded. Pete Dirksen has informed Carnton of our vote. Official Ernie Bacon from the Carnton Board of Directors has assured us that they want to continue to be good neighbors to the Polk Place Community and that the issue is a dead issue as long as we do not want the bridge coming through our neighborhood.

  • OPEN FORUM - 11/08/1999

Topics were discussed such as cars parked on the street, garbage cans not concealed on non trash pick-up days, and pets running astray. Minutes from the meeting will be sent out to everyone in the neighborhood

If you need details or have any questions please contact one of the Polk Place board members.