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Polk Place Mommies' Group
Some of the neighborhood stay-at-home moms have started a play group for the moms...I mean the children. The group currently meets every two weeks and rotates the meetings at the mommies' houses. If you are interested in joining the group or forming another small group, contact Cheryl Kidd. Below are photos from our first play group.
Group Photo   Pregnant Ladies   Cade and Landry   Lizanne, Cade, Cheryl and Landry
Front row: Jennifer and Claire Barnett, Nicole
and Wyatt Harrell, Lizanne and Cade Speligene
Second row: Cheryl and Landry Kidd, Madison,
Mary Cate and Susie Griffin.
  The Pregnant Ladies - Susie Griffin, Jennifer
Barnett, and Nicole Harrell.
  Cade Speligene and Landry Kidd.   Lizanne & Cade Speligene and
Cheryl & Landry Kidd