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This section of our newsletter is written to promote the best interests of each member of the Polk Place community. The quality of a neighborhood is directly determined by the strength of its Homeowners Association.

With this in mind, let us forge ahead to maintain a well-kept, attractive subdivision where property values continue to climb at a beautifully healthy rate!

The following are a few areas which Paul Satterwhite, head of our Covenant Committee, feels need to be stressed again this month.

The Polk Place Board of Directors has been informed that, on several occasions, teens and pre-teens have used the property (yard, basketball goal, etc.) of other residents without their permission and, at times, in the homeowners’ absence.

Parents, please ask your children to respect the property of other residents.

We would also like to remind residents that complaints continue to be lodged in reference to basketball goals being left outside permanently. This is a violation of our covenants.

* RESIDENTS, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THE SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE DEVOTED TO COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS. We have a covenant committee and are committed to upholding these standards for the good of the entire neighborhood.

Remember before making any alterations to your home or lawn, check the Covenant Restrictions and get approval from the Committee.