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This section of our newsletter is written to promote the best interests of each member of the Polk Place community. The quality of a neighborhood is directly determined by the strength of its Homeowners Association.

With this in mind, let us forge ahead to maintain a well-kept, attractive subdivision where property values continue to climb at a beautifully healthy rate!

The following are a few areas which our Covenant Committee, feels need to be stressed again.

  • When not in use, please store your basketball goal in a position which keeps it completely hidden from view (preferably behind your home or in your garage.). We live in a very nice neighborhood. The continuous display of numerous basketball goals detracts from the beauty of Polk Place.
  • The City of Franklin is requesting that all debris be NO longer than 6 feet long. If you have anything on the street over 6 feet long, please cut it to length. Also all grass clippings are to be put out no earlier than Tuesday morning.
  • Absolutely no basketball goals should be used in the streets of Polk Place or be positioned where those playing basketball are in the street. This is against the law and puts at extreme risk the safety of those children playing in the street.
  • Speeding:  Numerous traffic tickets have been written for those engaging in “low-flying” on Polk Place drive. The City of Franklin and the Polk Place Board of Directors will continue to press this issue.
  • Please be careful to park on the correct side of the street (in the direction of traffic flow). Failure to do so could result in a traffic ticket.

* RESIDENTS, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THE SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE DEVOTED TO COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS. We have a covenant committee and are committed to upholding these standards for the good of the entire neighborhood.

Remember before making any alterations to your home or lawn, check the Covenant Restrictions and get approval from the Committee.

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