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Go to the online Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for guidelines.

If you are planning to install a fence, deck, or any modifications on your Polk Place Property you will first need to get the plans approved by Scott Alessi , CMCA scott.alessi@ghertner.com. The guidelines for fences set by the board of directors are:

Material:  6 foot solid (no gaps between planks except when shadowboxing) wood. Cedar or treated pine.

Framing: All framing for the fence must be on the inside of fence.

Exterior:  No paint or stain other than stains that give a natural wood color.

Please refer to the covenants 3.3.24   Fences for more concerning Polk Place fencing and decks.

Plans can be emailed, mailed or faxed. Contact Scott Alessi , CMCA scott.alessi@ghertner.com Phone: (615) 255-8531 for more information.


Local Fence Builders

Company Telephone Fax & Email
Backyard Outfitters 615-807-1386 615-807-1837 - contact@backyardoutfittersinc.com
ABC Fence 615-865-7542 615-865-4670 - abcfence120@gmail.com abcfence120@gmail.com
American Fence 615-794-0523 615-781-2840 - info@americanfenceandmore.com
Franklin Fence & Deck 615-790-8428 615-634-2228 - MikeCostello@franklinfenceanddeck.com
Mid-Tenn Fence 615-790-7864 615-890-9179
Noland Fencing 615-794-0456 615-599-0760
Superior Fence & Gate 615-791-1601 931-388-8630
Dog Guard (invisible fencing) 615-673-7381  www.dogguard.com 615-662-4880